May 4th can’t come soon enough.
New song today at 6pm.

May 4th can’t come soon enough.

New song today at 6pm.

Oh hey, vocals are done. :) The countdown is on.

Oh hey, vocals are done. :) The countdown is on.

Trade Deadline

The NHL trade deadline is today and I am excited.

Would be hilarious if the only trade of the day is Andrei Kostitsyn.

Let’s hope Nash stays put.


This shouldn’t take too long.

I’m not against Valentine’s Day.  In fact, I think its fun and enjoyable.

My problem is that people don’t treat the one they love every day like it is Valentine’s Day.  That, I’m not ok with.  And I’m not talking about expensive gifts.  Just simply showing a sacrifice for that person is enough.

Every day should be Valentine’s Day if you got someone, and I hope it is.


Tyler Kirin: we’d have to cover metallica songs
Douglas Kersten: hahha
Douglas Kersten: sad, but true
Douglas Kersten: *pun intended
Tyler Kirin: YES
Tyler Kirin: lol
Tyler Kirin: didn’t even catch that
Tyler Kirin: thank you
Douglas Kersten: anytime, i didn’t want you to think I’d treaded on you with my dry humor
Douglas Kersten: if I continue this any further, you may dub thee unforgiven
Tyler Kirin: its ok, I’m unforgiven II
Douglas Kersten: hahaha, nice work
Douglas Kersten: if pun humor was currency, we would be ulRICH
Tyler Kirin: We can most certainly drop the Hammett on some puns
Douglas Kersten: yeah man, nothing else matters because we know that our humor has can go from zero to some kind of monster in seconds
Tyler Kirin: I’m tapping out. Mostly because that is the single greatest pun sequence in the history of sequencing
Douglas Kersten: yeah, i disappear as well
Tyler Kirin: lol
Douglas Kersten: we should really fade this to black
Douglas Kersten: asap
Douglas Kersten: there is no telling wherever this may roam
Douglas Kersten: oh man I can’t stop
Tyler Kirin: lol
Tyler Kirin: You shouldn’t have to stop at just One
Douglas Kersten: haha YES
Douglas Kersten: you have to stop giving me fuel
Tyler Kirin: No way dude, just Ride the Lightning
Tyler Kirin: All of this is all in funny in the Eye of the Beholder anyway.  To not joke is to joke, and to Live is to Die
Douglas Kersten: just when I think we are out of ammo, we load, and then reload, and we’re off to never neverland
Tyler Kirin: I only ask for intelligence And Justice for All
Douglas Kersten: we’ve taken this lars enough
Tyler Kirin: We’ve Kill(ed) em All
Douglas Kersten: yeah all this punning has tired me out, I feel like I could take a NAPster
Tyler Kirin: BOOM
Tyler Kirin: hahahaha 
Tyler Kirin: I’ve got nothing else literally
Douglas Kersten: truth, the bells have tolled

I love work.

Sick Days

You know what sucks? Sick days. Know why? Because the day you come back is the like a journey in to Mordor and I have found that I am not Frodo Baggins.


God help me.

Cheers to Winter

This morning I woke up thinking to myself, “Man, I really hope that its icy outside.

When I was a kid, I hoped for this scenario every school day.  This could equal a 2 hr delay or if I was super lucky, a 3 hr delay or day off school.

As an adult, my reasoning has completely changed.  I’m all about comedy.

This dude, is screwed.

Call me a cruel person, but there is no feeling on earth like watching someone slip and fall.  It is hilarious.  The best is when you see it coming.  The person in question slows down, grips a handrail, and WHOOP!! Game over. Graceless falling is  physical comedy at its finest. It never gets old.  This is why Kevin James is such a great comedian and its also why winter is the best season.  It is priceless. It’s so funny that I don’t even mind when the person taking a tumble is me.

So, cheers to the kickoff of a new season of bloopers.  I can’t wait to sit downtown with some hot chocolate and watch senseless girls who feel the need to wear stilettos in 4 inches of sleet and snow hit rock bottom (as far as their pride and rumpus is concerned).

*Note* Laughter is the best medicine for seasonal depression.

I love music. I hope you do too.

I love music. I hope you do too.